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Morning Spiced Masala Chai (Organic)

Product Description A rich blend of morning spiced masala chai. To awaken your senses, ginger bits and cinnamon rebound from pepper, cardamom and cloves. This blend of spices and Grassy Sencha leaves is made even more rejuvenating with zesty lemon-grass. … Read More

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Spicy Turmeric Chai

Product Description Our Spicy Turmeric Chai contains earthy and delicious ayurvedic ingredients. Expect a spicy experience with cloves, pepper, chilli and cardamom.  Brewing Information Origin: India Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 5-10 Minutes Temperature: 100°c Ingredients Black tea, cloves, cinnamon pieces, turmeric, … Read More

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Chili Masala Chai (Organic)

Product Description Our Chili Masala Chai is a spicy herbal blend with an extra hot kick.  Brewing Information Origin: India Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 5 Minutes Temperature: 100°c Ingredients Liquorice root, fennel, aniseed whole, green  mint, cinnamon, nettle leaves, ginger … Read More

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