organic ginger lemon tea web
Lemon & Ginger Detox Tea (Organic)

Product Description Optimise the day with a Lemon Ginger Morning Detox.  This organic green tea is a refreshing mix of organic green tea sencha leaves, spicy warming ginger bits and natural zesty lemon pieces. Brewing Information Origin: China Leaf: Organic … Read More

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bancha web
Japanese Bancha Green Tea (Organic)

Product Description Our Japanese Bancha Green Tea is high quality and made from big, long pressed mature tea leafs. Expect a mild and vegetal flavor. Brewing Information Origin: Japan Leaf: Green Tea Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 20-30 Seconds Temperature: 70°c … Read More

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hojicha web
Japanese Hojicha Green Tea (Organic)

Product Description Our Japanese Hojicha Green Tea originates from Kyoto, Japan. This tea consists of toasted tea twigs with a roasted taste and notes of caramel. Instead of being steamed like most steamed Japanese teas, Hojicha is roasted in porcelain pots … Read More

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sencha mint web
Fresh Mint and Sencha Green Tea

Product Description Fresh Mint & Sencha Green Tea is a refreshing blend of sencha green tea leaves and mint. Be prepared to feel fresh with this delicious bend which also includes lemon grass with no additional flavouring. Origin: Japan Teaspoon: … Read More

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sencha green tea web
Sencha Green Tea (Organic)

Product Description This Organic Sencha Green Tea comprises of freshly steamed and folded green tea leaves with a grass-like flavour. Expect natural and fine sweetness with light harshness. Origin: China Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 20-30 Seconds Temperature: 80°c Ingredients No additional … Read More

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tropical sundance web
Tropical Sundance Green Tea

Product Description Tropical Sundance is an exotic sencha green tea which provides a rich bodied tropical experience. As the flavors set in motion, the pineapple pieces dominate the sand-filled dance floor as they are effortlessly serenaded by smooth coconut pieces … Read More

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Product Description Load up the cannons and be ready for an alluring explosion of Delaney’s Gunpowder. When the coast is clear, expect a light and grassy cup with a refreshingly harsh taste. Origin: China Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 30-50 … Read More

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san fran peach
San Fran Peach Green & Black Tea

Product Description San Fran Peach is a refreshing infusion of black and green teas that provides an everlasting golden copper cup. As the infusion sets sail along the west coast wonderland, experience a mild taste of peaches, rose blossoms and … Read More

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citrus ginseng
Citrus Ginseng Sencha Green Tea

Product Description Sencha green tea leaves with tangy citrus flavours decorated with ginseng and flowers. Expect freeze-dried passion fruit, apricots and added fruit juice for an extra punch. Not only is this a refreshing and energizing blend, but the medicinal … Read More

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china jasmine web
True Jasmine Green Tea

Product Description Chinese green tea with aromatic Jasmine flowers. This fragrant infusion has a golden yellow cup anda delicately floral taste. Brewing Information Origin: China Leaf: Green Tea Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 20 Seconds Temperature: 100°c Ingredients Green tea, Jasmine … Read More

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rhubarb and custard web
Rhubarb and Custard Sencha Green Tea

Product Description Take a trip down memory lane through the comfort of your own tea cup with our very own Rhubarb & Custard Tea. With a core base of steamed and folded sencha tea leaves, the rhubarb pieces and rose … Read More

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ramblin rose web
Ramblin’ Rose Sencha Green Tea

Product Description Rambling’ Rose is a real show stopper! This sencha green tea is smothered in rose buds and captures the limelight with its golden-green cup and soothingly soft light flavor.  Brewing Information Origin: China Leaf: Sencha Green Tea Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup … Read More

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blood orange marmalade web
Blood Orange Marmalade (Organic)

Product Description The best-quality fruit makes the best jam. And in this case, tea. This organic green tea has a chinese sencha base and a refreshing taste of blood orange. Drink with a scone for extra pleasure. Brewing Information Origin: … Read More

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papaya and mango tea
Papaya & Mango Black & Green Tea (Organic)

Product Description An organic Papaya & Mango infusion which includes Green & Black tea. Expect a golden copper cup with floral notes and rich exotic mango papaya flavours.  Inside this concotion expect to see marigold blossoms, cranberries and mango pieces. … Read More

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gunpowder mint
Mint and Green Tea Gunpowder

Product Description This Mint and Green Tea Gunpowder is a refreshing combination of high grade gunpowder and mint. This popular beverage can also be enjoyed as an iced tea on hot, sunny days.  Origin: China Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 10-20 … Read More

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