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Morning Spiced Masala Chai (Organic)

Product Description A rich blend of morning spiced masala chai. To awaken your senses, ginger bits and cinnamon rebound from pepper, cardamom and cloves. This blend of spices and Grassy Sencha leaves is made even more rejuvenating with zesty lemon-grass. … Read More

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masala chai
Spicy Turmeric Chai

Product Description Our Spicy Turmeric Chai contains earthy and delicious ayurvedic ingredients. Expect a spicy experience with cloves, pepper, chilli and cardamom.  Brewing Information Origin: India Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 5-10 Minutes Temperature: 100°c Ingredients Black tea, cloves, cinnamon pieces, turmeric, … Read More

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Darjeeling Earl Grey (Organic)

Product Description This Darjeeling Earl Grey consists of beautiful large tea leafs from Darjeeling, West Bengal.  This exotic blend is complemented by natural bergamot.  Origin: India Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 2-4 Minutes Temperature: 100°c Ingredients Darjeeling, Bergamot, Natural Flavouring. … Read More

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earl grey cream web
Earl Grey Cream Black Tea

Product Description A delicious creamy blend of vanilla mixes beautifully with Chinese and Ceylon tea leaves. Added blue flower petals bounce from the vanilla pieces to really make this earl grey the cream of the crop. Expect mild harshness with … Read More

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Earl Grey Chai

Product Description   A spicy chai blend of herbs and spices with the uplifting flavour of cinnamon and bergamot.  Origin: India Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 3-5 Minutes Temperature: 100°c Ingredients Rooibos, Blackberry leaves, lemongrass, cinnamon (cut), anise, orange peels, … Read More

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Orange Crush Black Tea

Product Description Orange Crush is super Charged with a juggernaut of orange slices and cardamon pods. This concotion provides a medium light flavored black tea. Form an allegiance with some milk for a richer tasting cup.  Origin: India Teaspoon: 1 … Read More

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san fran peach
San Fran Peach Green & Black Tea

Product Description San Fran Peach is a refreshing infusion of black and green teas that provides an everlasting golden copper cup. As the infusion sets sail along the west coast wonderland, experience a mild taste of peaches, rose blossoms and … Read More

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english breakfast
True English Breakfast Black Tea

Product Description The ultimate blend for your morning breakfast. A well balanced mix of broken Assam and Ceylon leaves. It’s the perfect wake up call as the dark golden infusion gives a robust level of harshness, tanginess and a malty … Read More

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papaya and mango tea
Papaya & Mango Black & Green Tea (Organic)

Product Description An organic Papaya & Mango infusion which includes Green & Black tea. Expect a golden copper cup with floral notes and rich exotic mango papaya flavours.  Inside this concotion expect to see marigold blossoms, cranberries and mango pieces. … Read More

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Keemun Black Tea

Product Description This China Keemun Black Tea provides a natural dark copper cup with a refreshing and nutty taste. Expect pleasant tones of tanginess and harshness. Origin: China Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 2-4 Minutes Temperature: 100°c Ingredients No additional … Read More

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Cinnamon and Rose Petals Black Tea

Product Description This black tea provides a beautiful combination of rose petals and cinnamon with a slight tangy sensation. Origin: India Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup Brew: 3 Minutes Temperature: 100°c Ingredients Black tea, Cinnamon, Rose Petals, Flavouring YAY! This item is … Read More

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